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Squash Leagues - Revisions

At the meeting between the squash committee and squash and racquetball members earlier this month a number of suggestions were discuss about how to improve the squash leagues and to try to ensure as many games as possible are played each month. As a result it is proposed to make the following changes to the squash leagues with effect from the leagues commencing in October: a) Each league will be reduced to four (rather than five) players so that there is a greater chance that all the games are played during the month. Members who do play all their games will continue to receive a £3 refund of court costs as an extra incentive to play all their games. b) If a player fails to play any of their games in their league, they will be omitted from the next league. If they subsequently wish to re-enter the leagues they will be entered in a league which is one below the league in which they were last scheduled to play. Players who repeatedly fail to play their league games may be introduced two or more leagues below the last league in which they played. Players who request to be omitted from the leagues temporarily will, when they resume, be entered into a league one below that in which they last played. Please let me have your thoughts about whether these changes improve our squash leagues. All comments should be sent to me by email at: If you do wish to enter the squash leagues please email the league coordinator Mark Davies at Regards Andrew Jennings Squash Captain

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