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PAR or English Scoring for Squash Leagues?

The response to the consultation about whether we should change to PAR rather than English scoring for our Leagues was, amongst those who currently play in he leagues, a vote of 8-4 in favour of retaining English scoring with about 10 others not having a strong view either way.
While your Committee feels that we should move to PAR scoring eventually, the views, particularly of those in lower leagues was to stay with English Scoring,
We therefore propose to keep English scoring for the time being, but introduce the option that if BOTH players desire and agree to use PAR scoring for their league match they may do so. This may be more appropriate for those in higher leagues where the game is likely to be very close, in which case PAR scoring is slightly more likely to enable five games to be completed in the 40 minute court time available.
Andrew Jennings
Squash Captain

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