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Surrey Squash have recently introduced PAR scoring (i.e. every point counts, first to 15) in place of English scoring (i.e. only score on hand-in, first to 9) for all Surrey inter-club league matches.
In order to be compatible with this and the general trend towards using PAR scoring in most competitions, it has been suggested that we should move the STSC leagues to using PAR scoring.
Our leagues scoring rules would therefore become:
• Best of 5 games.
• Point-a-rally to 15.
The winner of a rally scores 1 point and serves to begin the next rally. Each game is played to 15 points, except that if the score reaches 14-all, the game continues until one player leads by 2 points.
• Score of 3 games to 0 - Winner get 6 points, loser gets 1 point
• Score of 3 games to 1 - Winner get 5 points, loser gets 2 points
• Score of 3 games to 2 - Winner get 4 points, loser gets 3 points
• Score 2 games all when court time ends - points 3 each
• If there are other results in an unfinished game then it is up to the players to decide on an equitable split of the points as listed above.
• There are no walkovers. If a player doesn’t show up for a match then a rematch must be arranged or 0-0 score entered.
What are your views on changing our league matches to PAR (point a rally) scoring system?
It has been suggested that if both players prefer to continue to use “English Scoring” the league match can be played on that basis. Do you think we should allow members to use this alternative if they wish (the resulting league score would not alter)?
Please send your views to Andrew Jennings at
Squash Committee
10th June 201”7

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